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Jessica and Elliot’s Park Point Wedding | Duluth, MN | Moses Photography

Jessica and Elliot where married on Saturday July 14th at Park Point in Duluth, MN. The Park Point Beach House was the venue with the ceremony and dance held outdoors overlooking Lake Superior. Here’s a […]


Time-lapse Videos from the Aurora Displays on 7/14 and 7/15

Time Lapse videos assembled from a lot of individual photos of last weekends aurora display. July 14th July 15th


Mid July Aurora Display | Solway Township, MN | Moses Images

A geomagnetic storm took place this evening courtesy of the CME that hit the Earth’s atmosphere after being released from the sun a few days ago. This storm triggered a northern lights display that started […]


Leah and Kevin’s Wedding | Duluth, MN | Moses Photography

A few photos from Leah and Kevin’s wedding on June 30th. The wedding party and I spent some time in Canal Park for photos and an impromptu blessing from the roaming preacher before heading back […]