2012 Duluth Air Show | Duluth, MN | Moses Images

The Sunday show of the 2012 Duluth Air Show was greeted by blue sunny skies instead of the rainy skies on Saturday. The feature act, the Royal Canadian Air Force team the Canadian Snowbirds performed a wonderful show using nine aircraft in various formations, loops, and crossing patterns. The Army’s Golden Knights skydiving team started off the show by bringing in the flags for the United States and Canada. There were two different acrobatic plane performances. A display of WWII era planes with a B25 and a P-51C painted with the “Red Tails” that the Tuskegee Airman flew with. The Heritage flight for this year saw a P-51D lead the formation with an F16 flying the slot position and a pair of F4 Phantoms as the wingmen. A Mig-21 put on a short show of the airplane Vietnam era pilots saw a lot of. Local company Cirrus showed off their new jet aircraft as well. All in all it was a good day of flying for all involved. Growing up around the Air Force and the Thunderbirds, I was finally able to see the Snowbirds perform. I would gladly see them again as they didn’t disappoint.

Samples of the many photos from Sunday’s performance…

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