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Early October Auroras

I was out of town for the amazing Northern Lights display that happened on October 1/2 but did get a chance to roam around and photograph the October 8/9 display. While not as bright as […]


A different kind of fireworks – Fire Flies and the Northern Lights | Solway Township, MN | Moses Images

In early July it was a double show with the green glow of the Northern Lights on display as the fire flies were at their peak.


Perseid Meteor Shower | Solway Township, MN | Moses Images

Overnight was supposed to be the peak of the annual Perseid meteor shower. Unforunately, clouds started moving in shortly after 1am. I did manage to get one decent photo of a meteor passing through the […]


Time-lapse Videos from the Aurora Displays on 7/14 and 7/15

Time Lapse videos assembled from a lot of individual photos of last weekends aurora display. July 14th July 15th


Mid July Aurora Display | Solway Township, MN | Moses Images

A geomagnetic storm took place this evening courtesy of the CME that hit the Earth’s atmosphere after being released from the sun a few days ago. This storm triggered a northern lights display that started […]


Aurora display in Northern Minnesota

Even though the sun has been fairly quiet for the last few days, northern Minnesota was treated to yet another light show. As predicted earlier by the NOAA, the northern lights made lit up the […]