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“Auroras in the Northland” Film Festival Selections

My short film “Auroras in the Northland” has now been an official selection of two film festivals: 2019 Great Lakes International Film Festival  https://filmfreeway.com/GreatLakesInternationalFilmFestival 15th Annual Short Shorts Film Festival https://filmfreeway.com/15thAnnualShortShortsFilmFestival In the very near […]


Northern Lights Over Duluth

Just after midnight on February 2nd the aurora activity kicked up a notch and despite the nearly full moon and the lights of Duluth the Northern Lights could be seen over the hill side and […]


Lights In The Winter – Aurora Time Lapse | Minnesota, USA | Moses Images

February 18th and 19th as the skies turned to dark most of the norther tier states along with Canada were treated to tremendous display of Northern Lights. From the space weather perspective it quickly went […]


Aurora Time Lapse | Moses Images

After having shared the static view of the aurora, here’s a time lapse compilation from last Saturday night. 538 individual frames photographed over a few hours that cold winter night. Aurora @ -20F from Matthew […]


Time-lapse Videos from the Aurora Displays on 7/14 and 7/15

Time Lapse videos assembled from a lot of individual photos of last weekends aurora display. July 14th July 15th